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A friend's dad gave me a tour of the Tabernacle that included rooms underneath and the tunnels.

The tunnels were long carpeted hallways. Some people were on foot, some in golf carts. It was years ago so I'm a little fuzzy, but I think I walked all the way from the Church Office Building to the Tabernacle and back.

The tunnels were amazingly boring. The word "tunnel" sounds cool, but these were not fun at all. The only cool part was that some people rode golf carts. But we didn't have a cart. The maze of rooms under the tabernacle was way more interesting.

Jesse Walker

that's what many people are telling me. it's too bad. leave it to these guys to make anything even slightly interesting into whitebread.


They should throw in some spider webs and skeletons and make part of the tunnel partially collapse when you walk past it.

Now that would be a cool tunnel. But from a management standpoint it could be bad because all the employees would spend their time exploring the tunnels and not a their desks.


the tunnels are really there. i have been in them many times as a child and teenager. however, they aren't as mysterious or dramatic as they sound. they are lighted, air-conditioned and carpeted. they all used to branch off of the parking lot. if you wanted to go from one building to another, you'd have to go through parking lot on pedestrian walkways.

i bet you in the past they were more catacomb-ish -- they probably built the parking lot around the original tunnels and upgraded them with modern amenities in the last 50-60 years.

as far as i knew, the tunnels went to the administration bldg. (the prophet's HQ), the main office building, the relief society building, the JSB (hotel utah), the tabernacle and the temple. and of course once the Meganacle was built, i'm sure one went there too. however, i'm not sure about any other buildings they went to. i vaguely remember that one went to the Lion House (brigham young's mansion and now a restaurant and wedding reception house), but i don't remember that one too clearly -- i can find out however :)


I was on a tunnel kick there for a while and went around exploring what tunnels I could find in the Salt Lake Valley. A pretty popular tunnel is the old (early 1900s) tunnel that runs from the City and County building across the street to the new County library. The library was built where the old county jail used to be. The tunnel was used to safely transport convicted criminals from the courts in the City and County building across the street to the jail. I believe they used it for utilities and such as well. They have replaced this tunnel with a new cement tunnel that still goes across the street, but is far less creepy.
There are also tunnels connecting the Boston and Newhouse buildings as well as the Commercial Club and the Exchange. Most of these were steam tunnels but were also used for other various things. There used to be tunnels running up state street from the City and County building up towards temple square. One used to run under the Alpha graphics building before it was redone. Remnants of the tunnels from the city and county building that go south can still be seen, but they are sealed.

I have some pictures of some of the tunnels Im talking about here: http://www.mattlarsen.com/image/tid/14

Mr. Jesse Walker

thanks for the info Matt. those pics are super cool! i wonder if you might have time to tag some of them if you remember which areas they are in or under. either way, i like!!!


Ok, I have updated the descriptions on most of the pictures and noted their locations. I have even bumped some of them up to the home page. Enjoy!


I heard a tunnel ran from Red Lion hotel or maybe it's something else now to the Salt Palace?


It's funny how often I hear about the "legendary" and "mysterious" tunnels under Temple Square -- as if there's something secretive and/or sinister about them. Well I've been in them a few times -- my brother works at the Church office building and we used them to get around, from the parking garage @ the conference cener, to the tabernacle, JSMB and Church Office Building. They're pretty ordinary hallways with flourescent lighting and carpeting. And there's absolutely nothing the least bit secret, sinister or even interesting about them. BORING.


I used to work on Social Hall Avenue, back when the ZCMI Mall was still breathing and before all the condos, and in the back of our warehouse there was an access door to the fabled tunnels. I had heard so much about them so naturally I was curious. One day 3 or 4 of us grabbed some flashlights and broke in. We wandered around a bit but it seemed on either end of the block the tunnel was closed off by big locked gates. They looked like they went pretty far east as well as under State Street. I had heard rumors that those tunnels (these were dusty, unlit, and unused for years) went all the way up to the University. I wish we had broken in and gone farther. I'd really like to know just how extensive they really are.

Truth seeker

There have been many rumors of not just tunnels, but secret rooms where satanic rituals are done by the highest bishops. Don't believe it? Above the north door on the east wall of the temple is an upside-down pentagram.

There are also rumors of tunnels connecting temple square to Dugway military base and other under ground military bases throughout the United States.

The problem is, the only people who would know of these tunnels are a very small hand full of people, the elite of the LDS church that would includ the president and a few others. So if your not any of them, you would have know clue no matter how far up the ladder you are.

Take a look at some of the symbolism used on the temple.


isnt there one from west high that goes somewhere? I also heard that the govenor knows where all the secret tunnels go and lead to is that true?


Yeah, so I've worked for the church as a sys admin and have walked most of the tunnels. What you need to realize is that in most major cities, the building extend well bellow street level and usually right under the streets. So essentially, most buildings become connected. Now, with temple square being as old as it is you don't find as much of this.

There are tunnels under temple square which connect all the buildings there. You can see the entrance to one on the north west corner of the tabernacle. That tunnels connects to a north south tunnel which connects to the two visitors centers and then northward on to the conference center. A tunnel runs underground to the south of the temple, and actually wraps around the foundation. Any member who has attended a wedding at the temple has used part of this tunnel to get to the waiting area before the wedding. Anyway, that tunnel has a set of door which lead into the underground under the Church office building, Relief society building, administration building, JSMB and all the rest. It's not so much a tunnel as it is a parking structure. It's not even tunnel like. If you look between the Church Office Building and the Relief Society building you will find a little glass building with a sent of stairs spiraling down and an elevator in the middle. That's the round house. It will take you down to the parking structure. I used it to get into the office early or after hours.

There is a tunnel which goes south from the Church office building block into what was the mall. I never used it, but I saw it. I think it just went into the Zions Bank building, and likely it went into the beneficial life building, since all these are church companies.

the whole of the conference center is a parking garage under it, but it does have a lot of halls a the like. Mostly just leading to various storage rooms and some offices for the people who manage it.

To the west from the tabernacle are supposedly tunnels as well, but I have never seen them. I really have had no need to go that direction in them, but people I worked with said they were there. Since the church runs all it's CAT5e through the tunnels and the church family history library uses a lot of computers, it's there.

Now, this I don't know and it comes from trusted family sources. My wife is the Great Grand Daughter of an apostle who lived in the temple view apartments. She told me there are tunnels from them to the church blocks. Those are the apartments just to the east of the church office building. Anyway, I had some security guys vaguely confirm it, but my wife says she's been in them. Anyway, there are some there and I don't know where.

The church owns two buildings north of the church office building. The new one has no real tunnels. Well, there are, but no one is going to go in them if they don't have to. Think squaty crawl space. Yeah, I saw it once because I asked, but no, I never went in. I hate spiders, too many spiders.

The new records building was built after I left. I would probably say there is a tunnel there now. There where a lot of records stored at the Church Office Building and other buildings and likely they wouldn't want them in the open because they are so old.

There is some question as to tunnels into crossroads mall area. I personally don't think so, but who knows, I could be wrong.

You ask why tunnels. Well, for the most part, there are just there for convenience. We live in a harsh climate, hot in the summer cold in the winter. Why no use tunnels to move equipment and the like. Also, a lot of that equipment is big and gets moved a lot. So rather than have it out in the open crossing a street, it can be moved underground safely.

As for the privacy issue, yeah, of course the leaders want a bit of privacy. A lot of them would get stopped every few feet and hounded for answers to gospel questions if they went out. Trying to get to another building for a meeting would be a process in and of its self. Not to say a lot of them don't. I tended to see Elder Eyering out and about more than others.

And yes, of course the mayor knows where they are, it his city. Actually, all the tunnels are documented with the city and are a matter of public record. If you want to get an idea of how extensive they are. Walk around temple square and look for doors int he wall. Yeah, each one of those is a stair well.

Mr. Jesse Walker

thank you for that informative comment!

Brady Tracy

Are any of the tunnels big enough to throw a small party in?


Recently (within the last 20 years) the Utah government forced the LDS church to purchase any and all land above these tunnels at extortion prices! Keep in mind they also had to purchase the mining rights as we don't own what is below us. The mormon church paid millions upon millions to purchase both the property above these tunnels and the mining rights below them to maintain these tunnels. They were forced to by the Government at outrageous prices.

Look at the maps... see all the properties purchased by the church downtown. Good luck finding out how much the church paid.

It is sad, because even though the church owns all the property below and above, they are still forced to allow the government to dictate who they let on to this property and what they can do. The LDS church has been Blackmailed into not talking about this entire issue...


ha ha freekin mormons. Seems like every city has underground tunnels and yeah the goverment should be watchin that crap as that is why fort douglas was established so the ratical LDS would stop killin all those who went against the church..GOD LOVES UGLY. guess what they killed indians and any whites etc who they believed were not down with Brigham the polligam. So yeah the goverment has the right to sell the land if these creeps cant walk across the street. Oh yeah and when I buy some property im not going to be down for people building tunnels on my property def a liability to the buildings above. LDS Thanks for the vault in big cottonwood keeping genealogical data for the next 1000 years, if this even matters. After that what are these people thinking? Its not just utah LDS there is a whole world out there of culture and experience far longer than any pioneer who came across america. Here is what lds was founded on polygamist- Synonyms: bigamist, two-timer, adulterer, lawbreaker, criminal
Modern day mormons are great people but why hide the truth?

Marianne Egan

The following is information I learned at a family reunion: "The labrynth of tunnels extending in all dir4ections from the Church block on South Temple between Main and State Streets. One of these tunnels led to the home of the William White family at 275 North 200 West, and by way of these tunnels several general authorities of the Church, in desperate need to escape the clutches of federal law enforcers, who were after them for practicing polygamy, came to be "guests" of the Whites. In a home away from home and being pursued as they were, these bretheren were nervous and consequently broke many tea cups of their hostess, Ann Thomas White. While son John henry White (my great grandfather) was preparing to return home from his mission in England in 1882, he was contacted and instructed to buy, at their expense, a lovely set of English china for John's mother, to replace the many pieces of china they, in their nervousness, destroyed." This story was told by Martgaret Neal Anderson in 1997. Reading this made me wonder if the tunnels were found when these grand homes were destroyed to make way for the tennis courts across from West High. It also makes me wonder whatever happened to that set of china and what kind it was.....I am sure if the whole story of the "catacombs" were told, it would be so much less sinister than most of the above posts speculate.


I just hope that when I drive my Colorado Toyota Landcruiser down to the free concert tonight, I don't end up in a tunnel instead of underground parking. I assume there will be signs?

LED Flashlight

Look at the maps... see all the properties purchased by the church downtown. Good luck finding out how much the church paid.

laser pointer

it would be really a great project. High consumption for the churn downtown.


In response to Alysons post, Yes there are tunnels in west high school. Unfortunately almost all of the rumors about these tunnels are false, particularly the speculations of an extensive labyrinth with various connections to other tunnel systems including the fairgrounds, the temple, and the capitol.

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