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I went to Orange the other night, it was a weekend night and the place was pretty slow. I've heard they were struggling, so I thought they could use the business. However, after meeting the owner and sitting around for about a half hour, I felt as though my group of friends and I were unwanted company. We were all very mellow normal patrons, not loud talkers, not drunkards, just locals checking out an unfamiliar bar. We left and all felt that would be the only time we would go to that bar. I give it "two backsides," I think the interior and idea was good, but the customer service is non-existent. I wouldn't recommend it.

Mr. Jesse Walker

Hank, Sorry to hear that. I haven't got very much feedback as of late from this post since it was right after they opened. I was treated very well by the owners whenever I've visited. I hope they can learn from comments like yours if indeed the service was that dis-satisfactory.

Thank You.

Lance Edwards

I am Lance Edwards. I'm the owner of ORANGE. I would love to know when Hank came in. I try to take great care to make all my patrons feel welcome. I suspect the person he spoke with was one of my employees and not me. I always wear either bright orange or dark green. I promise you if I know who you dealt with I will deal with them. If by chance it was me I apologize and either way I would like to make it up to Hank. Hank if you come back, I will buy you and a friend dinner. You can reach me at orangebarslc@yahoo.com.


I have to agree with Hank...had heard of the place but had a very hard time finding it...after we get there my group is made to feel outta place...the band was good but only played a few songs...not many folks there...we left and likely won't go back

A.J. Yerage

Salt Lake City is so lucky to have Orange- the owners are top of the line- absolutely! You will never meet better people in your life- and their level of hospitality is unmatched. Everyone that I know that has gone loves it- and has a great time. I really feel bad that you both had the experience you did- I think you should take another look at it!

miss annie

I haven't been to the bar as I don't live in SLC but Lance is a great painter, a great bartender and a really nice person. If you live in SLC, you should go - even if you don't drink. Check out the art!!!

Your Customer

I purchase some liquer at the bar at a cost of $35 and gave cash as tip. Today looking at my account, there was a addition $7 added to my account. Bar tender adding an addition $7 on the receipt when there was none? That's unethical business.

Teresa Kobayashi

I have been to Club Orange many times and been waited on by more than one person. My experience has always been excellent! I have had a great time, taken my friends there and even went to a birthday party there. I will keep going back! Food is great, drinks are reasonable and the atmosphere is unique fun.

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